Bob, the cryptocurrency expert

February 18, 2021
Money is getting tight

Have you ever wondered where does Bob get all the money for the shoes he needs to pay?

We did it too.

Well, for quite a while things were running smoothly. Or at least it seemed so. But apparently, the money is getting tight now for Bob.

Bob admitted that he only has a few months' worth of money left. Not to Alice though. Alice must not know. Bob will solve the problem without worrying Alice. He is determined to find a new source of money.

And there's this new thing. Cryptocurrencies. Yeah, Bob heard about it before. It is just that ... he somehow didn't but into the hype.

But the word goes that some of Alice's friends have made a lot of money with cryptocurrencies. How does Bob know that? Well, Alice told him. Some of her friends have suddenly bought an unthinkable number of pets with the money they earned. Yeah, Bob is now paying for the shoes for the army of new pets too.

As a result, Bob has changed his mind and decided to invest in digital coins. But wait! Instead, Bob could simply hack some of the cryptocurrencies! Stay tuned.

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