The strange story of
Alice and Bob

Alice and Bob are two long-time friends. For most of their lives, they didn't care about cryptography. Actually, they didn't even know what cryptography was. To be totally honest, Bob thought cryptography had something to do with Egypt and archeology.

And they would still happily live without cryptography. I mean, why wouldn't they? However, one special day a strange guy almost died laughing when he heard the youngsters he had just met were named Alice and Bob.

Yeah, the strange guy was a cryptographer. When he stopped laughing, he explained what was wrong with him. Nothing, basically. It's just that he's used to meeting Alice and Bob in cryptographic papers, not in real life. Even in his wildest dreams, he never thought he'd ever meet Alice and Bob in person.

Bob was immediately flattered by being a star among the cryptographers. He decided to take a peek into this unusual world of secret messages. But it turned out to be more than just a peek. On the other hand, Alice couldn't care less. She prefers to spend her free time with her numerous pets.

If you want to know what happened to the cryptographer who is now universally known for discovering the real Alice and Bob, you should check the FENTEC and KRAKEN research projects. He's still working on cryptography. But the world seems so much different now that he knows Alice and Bob.

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